Gen6 is a dancer from Southampton also known as Ryan Martin Gen6 is 11 years old and has been dancing since he could walk. following his dance idols chris brown and Michael Jackson Gen6 went from self taught to taking on a style called flexn which would later on give him the opportunity to take on zoom dance classes with an American teacher (stepz) Americans got talent semi finalist and Battlefest battle dancer. Gen6 is new to the competition game after building his confidence over the last year on social media and in public. 

Gen6 away from dance loves to goof around  play football, basketball, game and has an obsession with clothes and trainers. The future for Gen6 is very bright with 2022 set to be his biggest year to be able to get out and compete in other dance competitions and dance  battles. 

Battlefest is Gen6 dream to be able to battle the new generation. 

Winning undiscovered talent UK online competition series 5 has given Gen6 that push that he needed to be  ready for 2022