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UTUK will be raising awareness in regard to #UTUKJustStopCampaign against social media bullying. So many people have been a victim and we need this to JUST STOP! Online bullying can lead to self harm and suicidal thoughts which nobody wants to go through. We hope to collaborate with different organisations and hold fundraising events to support those who have been a victim wether by rehabilitation, support groups, advice, meetings and much more. A GoFundMe page will be set shortly but in the meantime don’t hesitate to get in touch with ideas, volunteering or sponsoring future events. A date for a global awareness event will be set shortly which everyone can get involved and help contribute to raise awareness in their own unique way.


If you would like to get involve and submit your contribution event / awareness to us for listing? Please fill out the form below. Here's a few ideas: Instagram / Facebook live, Zoom meetings, Share a story, Local March, Create a group, Event, Radio, Interviews.


We shall be posting support groups, advice, charities, point of contacts and anonymously sharing stories from people who have been a victim of social media bullying. In the meantime we are collecting short videos of people using the phrase “JUST STOP SOCIAL MEDIA BULLYING” so we can kick start the campaign. Submit videos to and please use the above logo to help spread the word and tag us.

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