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I’m Jessie Model Coach & UTUK Magazine Editor…

I have been modelling now for around 3 years & was a beauty pageant queen 3 years ago to…
This all started when I joined an influencer programme on instagram and built my social media further.
Throughout all of this I was approached by Itv2 and appeared on secret crush, which I absolutely loved.
I love modelling as it gives you so much confidence and self love, which I believe everybody needs to have..

With the things I have gone through throughout my life modelling gave me a regain of boost, self love and confidence again which is what I need and with those three things you can conquer the world..

So why not become a member of our model squad and let’s build UTUK’s success together! 


Hi, my name is Ellie, I'm 13 years old and my insta is @gymnasttigs. I started gymnastics aged 7 after I ruined my mums sofa by doing handstands and cartwheels on it lol.


Gymnastics soon became my passion, and I went on to wins medals etc. After watching my niece taking her dance classes I decided I'd like to give it a try. I started taking classes in Tap, Ballet, Modern and Jazz. I have passed exams in dance, achieving merits in all of them. 


I've recently started perusing a new hobby by getting signed for a casting/modelling agency and I'm keen to see where all my hobbies/passions take me in the future. 

Bye for now and remember you can do anything if you want it badly enough.

ellie senior.jpg
utuk model lee 4.jpg


Hi guys it’s lee here, ex royal marine who loves dance and fitness, still dancing will never ever stop. Got 2 gorgeous kids who are my complete world, currently rocking it on Tik tok at the moment as the #fastdancer1664 check me out on there and enjoy the vibe. Take care everyone and be the best version of your self you can be.


I love modelling it gives me another way of expressing who I am and I love working with Undiscovered Talent UK, he clothing range is fantastic.


Georgie Chard, singer-songwriter based in the UK. A soon to be lawyer, with a love for music and writing. Its great to be a face of brands i support!

model georgia 2_edited.jpg
eliot model 4 black.jpg


Hi I’m Eliot Carter, I’m 14 and love performing. My passion is rap, singing and acting, but I also dance. I love street dance and Tap, as well as ballet and contemporary. 

I dance three evenings a week and all day Saturday. I have private singing classes twice a week. I also love to play rugby and football for teams and at school. I love the branded clothing as it is so comfortable and perfect for classes, chilling and for warm up at Rugby and football. 


Luchiana Julienne-Ballingall aged 5 years old. Luchiana is very ambitious and strives towards her goals, to help Luchiana reach her dream of attending The Royal School of Ballet in London and performing on The Voice Kids when she turns 7 years old. Luchiana attends weekly classes of musical theatre, 1:1 singing lessons, modern and ballet classes to help her achieve this.


Luchiana is a registered member of Impact Models Agency and is so naturally talented in her passion for modelling, Luchiana's bubbly, confident personality shines through her image.


Luchiana since the age of 2 years old has been actively involved in live shows and performances, with a dream of modelling for a big brand and company on billboards worldwide.


Undiscovered Talent UK, have been a huge part of showcasing to the world Luchiana's natural gifted ability and talent in many platforms and aspects.

model luchiana blue.jpg


Skills & Talent - dance African, and street and contemporary, musical theatre. Currently in 11 shows in the new Christmas production at peckham theatre that's starts on the 1st December. I'm also an athlete that trains with Croydon harriers doing track specialising in sprint. I love the UTUK logo and what it stands for.


Freddie is a 12 year old boy who loves music! He is constantly raising money for different charities. Freddie has grade 8 in piano and harp He has also produced songs that are on Apple Music. He also loves entering competitions.

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