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My names Moniecha, I’m the founder of MDCHOREOGRAPHYUK and MYDC DANCE ACADEMY (MDA). I’ve worked for years in the industry and training since I was three as a dancer, and pursued various theatre and musical theatre productions along side working with Boy Blue Entertainment With their amazing show Pied Piped and Mathew Bournes Curtain Raisers, but although I’d grown up as a dancer that passion slowly changed to teaching when I started up my own dance school at the age of 14. Ive ran my school through my GCSEs, Diploma, Degree and Masters and all I want to do is be a roll model to my students for them to see for as long as you put the work in anything is possible! I then during covid started up MDChoreography to give dancers more opportunities! It’s slowly taking off and I hope to be able to offer big things to dancers all over. I want to be able to teach in workshops all over the world , that’s my next goal to working towards, I want to show the world to hat I’m capable of and inspire the young generation of dancers. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and the nomination and a massive thank you to Undiscovered Talent UK for all you do to make people like myself feel our hard work is slowly and surely paying off!