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Sign up for representation!

All types of acts welcome to join!


Are you looking for representation? Register with UTUK and get listed on our website for more potential bookings and promotional features. Sign up with a talent platform that promotes, supports all types of acts, artist and help grow your fan base. We engage with 1000’s of event organisers, producers, venues, festivals, clubs, creatives, councils and much more throughout the year. With our new additional representation feature this will open up a whole new audience for performers, Not only in the UK but on a global scale. 

What's included :

  • Member and website profile

  • Social media promotion

  • Email and support campaigns

  • Artist events and competitions

  • Forums and Groups

  • Music & TV features (Website & Youtube)

  • EP, Album and Song launch

  • Radio play, Spotify and Playlist features

  • Press release and blog

  • Accessible ticketing platform for upcoming Gigs

  • Merchandise discount

  • Representing UTUK at other partner events and shows

Terms and Conditions

Member and Website profiles

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Not only will you have a member profile, you will also have an official website profile managed by Team UTUK.

Social media promotion

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On regular occasions we promote and advertise all profiles on social media to help build a fan base and promote your talent.



Merchandise discount for members.

EP, Album and Song release

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Launch your new music with UTUK for further promotion and reach thousands of new audiences.

Press release & Blog


We love to share the latest news about talent and artist, so this is a perfect opportunity to get noticed on our platform.

Bookings and Representation

Artist Introduction

We represent and manage all members bookings which are made through our platform.

Artist Campaigns and Support packages

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Artists campaigns and support is dedicated to particular artists which is run frequently over a period of time across our whole platform. This includes email, website, radio, magazine and much more.

Tell us about your upcoming Performance, Gig, EP/Album Launch etc and apply for support from Team UTUK. Wether it's Social media, Promotion, Event setup, Venue, Flyers, Ticket service, Event Hospitality we are here to help.

Events & Competitions


Represent UTUK at other partner events, shows and perform at exclusive member events throughout the year.

Forums and Groups


Join the UTUK community and upload your music and videos in Our groups. Connect with like minded artist and start building a fan base.

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