Jade has always had a passion for singing from an early age and taught herself to sing by singing along to various songs and artists on the radio.

Jade’s love of performing grew at school where she took part in every school production and show.

It was during secondary school that Jade met Top.T and ‘Magic’ was recorded. Originally recorded in Top.T’s studio and then reproduced with Danny.C (AIM Records) and Mc Supplier.

The success of magic has enabled Jade to perform on the radio, feature on various garage compilations and reach number 1 in the music charts for Channel U and perform at Wembley arena for the ukgchronicle.

Jade is currently back on the uk garage scene performing magic and promoting new track wanna go back and also recording more material.


Professional Steel Orchestra based in South London. Travelling and Performing throughout the UK.


'It's Always Nice To See Him' is based on the true account of an elder that Daisy met through writing poetry with residents at a nursing home. This elder told her story in a frank & honest manner, even though she struggled every day to get those words out. She was also very frank & honest about her experience of growing older and the emotional strain it takes on oneself when your body & mind begin to fail you. Daisy is championing this elder's story
to create a dialogue between young people around elders & how we reconnect with them, putting aside our own fears of death and old age, to create bonds. Daisy hopes that a normalisation of these bonds will in the future eradicate that which we, young people, fear most in old age, isolation & disconnect.

Daisy is a freelance theatre practitioner, facilitator, spoken word artist and all round creative change maker. Daisy began her journey when she graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a 1st (hons) in BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Education. She creates theatre, poetry and movement that responds to the socio-political landscape. Her work illustrates her own, and other people's perspective on themes such as mental health, relationships, sexuality, race, age and class through recounting personal experiences. Her work often takes on a conversational tone which enables her to speak on, and her audience to listen on, difficult or emotional subjects with ease.

Shaniqua Benjamin

"Shaniqua is a writer and poet from Croydon, who draws inspiration from her life experiences to create meaningful pieces of writing.  She has used her passion for making a difference to found, Young People Insight, a platform that empowers the voices of young people through conversation, creativity and writing.  She has performed at Field Day and the Thornton Heath Lights Festival, wrote the lyrics for the London Mozart Players' Anthem for Peace, and performed in Apples & Snakes' spoken word show, Rallying Cry."

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