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Jen & Liv win the recent series of The Voice UK 2023!

Previous UTUK international online talent competition winners of (Series 6) Jen & Liv have just won the recent series of The Voice UK. The girls from Newcastle who go out busking every week, trying to make a name for themselves have succeeded.

When we heard the pair was going to be appearing in The Voice UK, Team UTUK was supporting them all the way. After smashing their blind audition it wasn’t only Will I Am who wanted Jen & Liv on their team, presenter of the show, Emma Willis took over the chair of Judge Will I Am and turned for Jen & Liv in his presence knowing he would have turn and made a pitch for the girls anyway.

It seemed like a great addition to the team for Will I Am and the Geordie girls was up for the challenge but it was a matter of getting selected for the semi finals which would give Jen & Liv a chance of real success. Once again the pair showed their talent in the “Callbacks” and was successful to perform in the semi finals.

Will I Am had a difficult choice of choosing one act to put through to the finals as everyone was simply fantastic. It was decision time and Jen & Liv was chosen to go through to the finals. They couldn’t believe it, they just couldn’t believe what was happening. It was clear the duo was full of confidence and couldn’t wait for the finals which they would be performing twice, once by themselves and with their coach. Both performances was outstanding, all the finalists was brilliant but there could only be one winner.

All the finalists was waiting patiently on stage until Emma Willis announced the winner of The Voice UK which was Jen & Liv, the pair did us proud and was amazing from start to finish. We can’t wait to see these girls from Newcastle living the dream.


Undiscovered Talent UK

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