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Sign up with UTUK for just £1 per month!


Welcome to the UTUK community. Wether you're an act, artist, creative or fan. Becoming a member means you will have access to exclusive web pages, promotional offers, discounts, groups, forums and much more fantastic benefits. You will have your own profile and be able to chat with other members, follow each other, upload and share stuff on your profile which can be updated at any time. Sign up as a UTUK artist for representation and get listed on our website for more potential bookings and promotional features.

Featured Member Section 


Each month we will be featuring one member on our new “Featured Member Section” for being active and getting involved with the UTUK community. In order to be considered you will need to have an up to date profile which includes a photo, description about you and a recent profile post.


Member of the month award 


Get involve with member features such as Groups, Forums, Downloading the app, Website contributions, Online programs and chatting to other members. You will be recognised with an award or merchandise and receive a badges.


Member events and competitions


Get involved  with member only events and competitions. Online or in person so keep an eye out for announcements. Also discounted tickets for public events.


Member spotlight 


This is where we shine a light on a specific member and host a live interview, blog feature and social media promotion.

Member only email campaigns

Receive email campaigns about deals, offers and new member features every week.

Community. Free

Support our platform and and join the UTUK community.

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Includes :​

  • Upload content on your profile

  • Follow and chat with members

  • Receive member only email campaigns

  • History of bookings, orders and subscriptions

  • UTUK Music & TV

Creatives and Industry professionals.


£2 / per month

Start getting creative, network and collaborate with other like minded members through the UTUK community.

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​Includes :

  • Upload content on your profile about your organisation or business

  • Follow and chat with like minded members

  • Receive member only email campaigns

  • Access to Forums, Group and networking pages

  • Promotional features for your business

  • UTUK Whatsapp customer service 

  • Loyalty rewards programme

  • Invited to Networking events

Click here for more collaboration opportunities

Looking For Representation?


£5 / per month

Represented and supported by the biggest, fastest, upcoming talent platform in the UK.


Includes :

  • Official artist / act profile on website

  • Access to artist development programs

  • Social media promotion

  • Artist campaigns & support

  • EP, Album and Song launch support

  • Radio play and Playlist features

  • Member events and competitions

  • Online Booking management

  • Press release, Magazine and Blog features

  • Accessible ticketing platform for your upcoming Gigs and shows

  • Representing UTUK at other partner events and shows

  • Building a fan base

  • Official UTUK represented  badge

Acts and Artists.


£1 / per month

Take advantage of exclusive promotional features and take your talent to the next level.

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Includes :​

  • Upload content on your profile

  • Follow and chat with members

  • Receive member only email campaigns

  • History of bookings, orders and subscriptions

  • Access to Group and member pages

  • Discount off competition entries, tickets, magazine, blogs and merch

  • Exclusive content and promotional offers

  • Whatsapp customer service 

  • Member only events

  • UTUK Music & TV

  • Official UTUK represented  badge

Music and TV


£3 / per month

Get your music heard, shared and promoted worldwide with UTUK!

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Includes :

  • Unlimited uploads in Groups, Forums and Streaming services

  • Music added to our Spotify and Web playlist every month

  • Radio play with our sponsors and partners

  • EP, Album and Song launch support

  • Featured in our music blog category

  • Social media promotion (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Submit new songs at any time

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