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Mum gives up audition for daughter on BGT!

This has to be one of the nicest things everyone has seen on Britain's Got Talent. Mum (Claire) took the stage in front of the Judges but dropped the Bombshell that she wants to give up her audition for her daughter (Tia) to sing live as she has an amazing voice.

As Tia walked on to the stage in total shock she hugged her mum and couldn't believe what was quite happening. Tia wasn't ready to sing straight away and was told to come back a little bit later by Judge Alesha Dixon.

The time had come for Tia's audition, this was cleary the biggest performance of her life so far performing in front of millions of viewers. Tia totally smashed her audition singing a Whitney Houston song called "I didn't know my own strength" and won over the Judges and the public. Tia has a bright future ahead and we wish her well in the competition.

To watch the full audition visit Britain's Got Talent on YouTube.

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