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Register Your Act

Register with UTUK and get listed on our website for more potential bookings on a regular basis. Advertise with a talent platform that supports all types of acts and artist to help grow their fan base globally. We engage with 1000’s of event organisers, producers, venues, festivals, clubs, creatives, councils and much more throughout the year. With our new additional platform feature this will open up a whole new audience for performers, Not only in the UK but on a global scale. 

Profiles include :

  • Member and website profile

  • Booking and representation management

  • Social media promotion

  • Artist campaigns & support

  • Free merchandise after 4 months registration

Member and Website profiles

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Not only will you have a member profile, you will also have an official website profile managed by Team UTUK.

Social media promotion

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On regular occasions we promote and advertise all registered profiles on social media to help build a fan base and promote your craft.



After 4 months of registration you will receive free merchandise for your commitment as a registered artist.

Bookings and Representation

Artist Introduction

We represent and manage all registered artists bookings which are made through our platform.

Artist campaigns and support

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Artists campaigns and support is dedicated to particular artists which is run frequently over a period of time across our whole platform. This includes email, website, radio, magazine and much more.

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