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Register Your Business

Register your business with UTUK and attract a whole new audience for potential new clients. Our platform welcomes all types of brands for networking, advertising and collaborations. Your brand will be displayed in our features webpage available for public viewing and links to direct contacts.

Profiles include :

  • Official webpage profile

  • Links to your direct business contacts

  • Social media promotion

  • Brand & awareness support campaigns

  • Invitations to advertise at UTUK  events

Member and Website profiles


Official website profile managed by Team UTUK.

Social media promotion

social media promotion.png

On regular occasions we promote and advertise all registered profiles on social media to help build a new audience and promote your business.​

Network & Collaborations


Have your own set up at every live show. Set up promotional stalls to meet and greet potential new clients for your business.

Business Contacts & Links


All your business links displayed on profiles.

Brand & Awareness


Network with 100’s of different industries to help build the growth and support you need. 


Brand awareness support campaigns are  dedicated to particular brands which is run frequently over a period of time across our whole platform. This includes email, website, radio, magazine and much more.

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