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More than just a Talent Competition, Undiscovered Talent UK was founded by a creative individual named Ronell Coward, who has a passion, focus and simply loves the entertainment industry. Anyone, any age can perform at our events and competition as there is no restrictions to apply. There's a lot of Talent in the UK so why not create a platform for performers to take the stage and shine. We plan to take the show all over the UK and Worldwide to find Undiscovered Talent in many cities and countries. So watch out you big T.V shows we are right behind you.



Undiscovered Talent UK is a platform for upcoming Talent which gives hope to creative people to dream big and continue to pursue their greatness. We create performance opportunities and unique events across the UK for all types of Artists to attend. Our events include Talent shows, Competitions Open mic nights, Award ceremonies and Anti knife crime events. As well as organising shows we also act as representation to help Performers make bookings, which we feature a number of Acts on our social media networks including footage to their work for booking consideration. We launched Undiscovered Talent UK on 9th March 2019 at Project B in Croydon. The event was successful and sold out to which has grown ever since. We have gone from organising events in small club venues to Theatres of a capacity of nearly 400 people. As a team we have learnt and adapted to the fast pace of the growing business which each member of staff has a specific job to do to continue the growth of the business.



We do this to create opportunities and to give people an incentive to focus and work towards. We feel there is not enough platforms for people to pursue their goals and take it to the next level so we like to give support to people with a vision and ambition. Collaborations and Partnerships is one of our key aspects we like to deliver as it shows interest in networking and delivering quality projects commercially and within communities we work in.



We want people from all walks of life to engage with our projects, especially individuals, groups, and businesses who are in the line of creative arts and want to see different activities happen in their neighbourhood or region to attend. We hope that Undiscovered Talent UK reaches out global and visible to a wider population of the UK and also overseas.

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