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Jessica Fisher

Hi,I’m Jessie Model Coach, Events Manager & UTUK Magazine Editor…I have been modelling now for around 3 years & was a beauty pageant queen 3 years ago to…This all started when I joined an influencer programme on instagram and built my social media further. Throughout all of this I was approached by Itv2 and appeared on secret crush, which I absolutely loved. I love modelling as it gives you so much confidence and self love, which I believe everybody needs to have. With the things I have gone through throughout my life modelling gave me a regain of boost, self love and confidence again which is what I need and with those three things you can conquer the world. So why not become a member of our model squad and let’s build UTUK’s success together! 

Tai Coleman

I’ve always believed I’m a person that is driven in day to day life. I have gained the inspiration to create this brand solely because I have always been a lover of hats, with a wide range and selection of different hats. However, I wanted something which was more unique & where i would not be wearing what everyone else was wearing. Over a period of time I have used a numerous of resources in order to research & create my own brand, which is now called Hecklemania. Since 2014.

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I'm Jade and I'm a singer/songwriter. I've been singing and performing from age 7 and attended Italia conti performing arts school until my late teens. I've had a lot of performing and recording experience and have a great passion for music and dance. I've been working with Undiscovered Talent UK since start up scouting talent and judging at the shows. I am looking forward to building the platform for unsigned talent acts with Undiscovered Talent UK

Charley Ruane

Charley trained at The BRIT School before continuing his studies in musical theatre. He left at the start of his 3rd year to perform for a German television advert before joining the West End production of STOMP. Since joining he has performed in various music videos, adverts and even a Bollywood Film 'Race 3', along side travelling the US and Europe with the Percussion spectacular as the silent comedy relief.

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Danielle Blenman

Danielle Blenman is a mumpreneur with three children running three businesses which are a dance school, an empowerment project for young people and she is also a nutrition coach. Danielle is also an award winning blogger and vlogs occasionally about the life of a mumpreneur.


My name is Edmund Christie and I am the owner of Love Da Beat Radio and Da Beat Magazine. I am also a multi genre DJ, Host, youth mentor, STEM ambassador, producer and actor. I love to entertain people and support the community in my spear time. I am a hardworking individual who does the best in everything that I do. I aim to be working with many different talents and to get seen on the big screen in some major parts.

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