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Content submission deadline for ISSUE 5 is Tuesday 24th August and published on 31st August 2021. Watch the exclusive Interview with Georgie Chard

Our magazine is designed to feature articles / blogs on all kinds of Talent related stories and gossip in the UK. So tell us what you are getting up too, what you have planned, recent achievements or future goals and ambitions. Send all content including photos, descriptions, names to :



The Magazine will be available online to view and purchase. Uploaded on all of our social media accounts, email newsflash twice a week and shared on multiple public social media pages for promotional features. Reaching over 5K +VIEWS a month.



Advertising is £10 per page or you can purchase one of our Package Deals. Content is printed on a standard 8.25" x 10.75" width and height article post. We recommend to send 2-3 photos plus text for a full size page.

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