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International Online Talent Competition




Before entering the competition you must make sure that you understand all the details and terms provided. By entering the competition and submitting videos you give permission to Undiscovered Talent UK Ltd to share your videos Publicly on Social Media and for advertisement purposes of competitions. You (The Act) are responsible for making yourself available to participate in the competition you have auditioned for.

The competition is free to enter!


Children under 16 must have parental permission to take part in the online competition. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are giving permission for your child to enter the competition. Parent / guardian must be present at all times during the online competition.



For any reason we have to change the date of the competition that you have already entered we will notify you as soon as possible.. If you can no longer take part in the competition due to unforeseen circumstances, illness or any other reason you must let us know immediately.

I agree that if I'm successful to make it through to the competition I will promote, advertise and share the competition posts on regular occasions. Failure to promote and advertise the competition may have an impact on your place in the competition.

I acknowledge that Undiscovered Talent UK Ltd has the right to amend rules and terms to this agreement without verbal or written contact, so it's my responsibility to check all terms and conditions frequently.



Music / Lyrics / Videos /  must not contain any form of profanity or explicit music otherwise you will be not be able to take part in the competition. If your music / performance has any profanity used you will be disqualified from the competition. The competition and public viewers are for all ages.


I solely understand that all composed music made for the competition does not inflict on any copyright infringements and I ( The Act ) have full permission to use the material for my performance.


Have a great time.

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