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Charli Fletcher has just dropped her new Music Video. “Every Ting Nice”

Charlie Says,

This is an uplifting anthem for those dreaming about better days, where one can enjoy the finer things in life, however it also salutes those already living in this way. Apart from touching on living the high life, this song explores some of Charli's culture and roots. No matter how far she elevates in life, she always stays true to her humble beginnings, and pays homage to those who helped her along the way.

The colloquial title, and energy of the song, gives us an introduction to Charli's heritage in the Caribbean, as well as the West Indian diaspora in Europe that she was raised in.

It brings us plenty of flavour to perk up our ears, tantalise our waists, and dream about being in a beautiful island surrounded by beauty.

This is a feel-good tune, which gets you dancing in the party, your head bopping whilst driving, and makes you put on your finest model walk when sashaying on the runway, or even on the street. Tune in on May Day, for heat and spiciness from Charli, where Every Ting is Nice, indeed.

Watch the full music video in her YouTube channel. Also featured on UTUK TV.

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