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Chayz3r AKA "Black Peterpan "Redefining rap with killer hooks and melodies

The rising star from East London, is making waves on the underground scene with a ground breaking approach to UK hip-hop & Rap.

A poetic storyteller of his life with a spin, Chayz3r blends raw authenticity with versatile beats and melodic flows, transcending genre boundaries. Chayz3r started writing lyrics and performing them to grime beats amongst his friends in school and found his passion for creating music from then. With the ever-changing trends of music Chayz3r has also incorporated singing into his craft blending melodies with his rapping flows.

Chayz3r has built his rep by being consistently present on the London underground circuit, earning critical acclaim and a loyal fan base along the way.

In 2023 he was nominated for 2 awards by “RBE” music entertainment, for “best rap artist” and “best male artist” winning the latter. 2024 is a big year for the artist so keep your eyes peeled.


Undiscovered Talent UK

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