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Lani Clayton wins UTUK (Series 7) International online talent competition Over 18’s

Lani entered Series 7 of the International Online Talent Competition. After finding Undiscovered Talent UK on Instagram, Lani was delighted to get involve and show her talent. After not being chose to go straight through to the semi finals from the audition round, Lani was actually amongst the wildcard contestants which she then was chosen to compete in the semi finals of the competition.

After sending over her new video for the semi finals the Judges wasn’t hesitant to vote for Lani to go through to the finals. Although her team Judge (Jessie) wasn’t allowed to choose any of her acts, Jessie was delighted to see Lani get chosen for the finals of series 7.

How did Lani do in the finals? Well let’s tell you. The 6 finalists was put to a public vote which they was voting for “the acts they would like to see make the final 3”. Guess what, Lani made the final 3 and was one step closer to be crowned the over 18’s winner of series 7. After receiving the most Judges votes it was clear to see that Lani was now the winner of the competition. She was over the moon and this is what she had to say.

“Thank you so much for getting me invovled in this amazing competition, your a big part to my platform and you’ve made the rest of my year.

You’ve been amazing to me and I have social communication problems too and I don’t like doing videos like this, so you’ve made me more confident in doing them too! Thank you again. “Over the moon” is an understatement.

Omg thank you so much for this, it’s been a pleasure and experience I will never forget. I remember starting instagram and finding you guys! You are such an inspiring platform.

Check out her final performance below

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