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Macy O, Winner of series 8 Under 18’s

Macy O, singer songwriter auditioned for the Under 18’s online competition and blew the Judges away with her performance. Macy’s audition was featured publicly on Instagram, Facebook And YouTube for public votes and with no surprise the public reaction was great and she was voted through to the semi finals on Team Jade.

The semi finals was always going to be a hard but exciting stage of the competition as all the acts was split into Judges teams for the remainder of the competition. Macy O submitted another performance which Judges couldn’t choose their own acts to put through to the finals, so it’s down to the rest of the Judges to vote.

Macy O was put through to the finals by Tai Coleman AKA H3ck1eman. Tai said “Love it, in the zone on the keyboard singing. Great performance and well done”

Only 5 acts was through to the finals, which meant only 3 acts would go through to the Judges vote. Macy O was one of the acts put through to the final 3 on public votes. The Judges now had to make a decision and each choose their winning act for the under 18’s. Macy O received 4 out of 5 Judges votes which meant she was crowned the under 18’s winner of series 8 Undiscovered Talent UK’s online talent competition 2023

Macy O said “ I’m frilled to be the winner, I’m glad the Judges and everyone liked my videos. Thanks to the public for supporting me the whole way through of this immense competition.


Undiscovered Talent UK

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