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Maria Roca, Artist Review!

Lei Lines - Maria Roca

Watching this piece left me satisfied though full of critique. This is by no means a negative, rather something that excited me enough to give in to my creative and performance urges to help better a fellow artist, in our never ending strive for perfection.

Being a dancer, choreographer or even a movement artist can be a difficult craft to learn and perfect. We're all different! From heights, to weights, strength to speed - we are all capable of a great deal and in this piece I saw a multitude of skills and movements worthy of paid audience.

Maria Roca performs 'Lei Lines', a work showcasing a deconstruction of the mind, with amazing technical ability in her movements. The use of bands to show restrictions and the movement within our own boundaries was an interesting take with a strong resonating result. Her movements show a strong understanding of her body and capability to execute various difficult tricks and styles.

I really enjoyed her popping and isolation as the precision was absolutely spot on. The waves of her body flowing like water in a jarring and almost demonic way at points had me fully invested in what her piece had to say.

I do feel the piece came to a bit of a crossroads when stamina struggled to keep up with the creative skill in her choreography, as some of the moves started to visably become laboured and lacking in the fierce and fiery execution that began the performance, sliced in the middle by an impressive no handed cartwheel among other tricks. The music didn't seem to give way for such explosions of impressive power so it felt slightly jarring within the piece.

That being said, with the right music climax for these parts and either more energetic moves being closer to the start, or worked on vigorously to build the stamina, Maria has an incredible future ahead.

I strongly believe many dance collectives and agencies would jump at the chance to work with this highly skilled artist and only pray she takes anything said as passionate help and fire to drive her to her goals. If you haven't already, get off your sofa and head to the nearest showing of her next piece, I'm certain she'll have something expressive and impressive to share!

By Charley Ruane.

Undiscovered Talent UK

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