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Singer, Doris Pacey says “When I sing, I feel ready, I feel alive.

Doris Pacey, 39 a mother of 3 beautiful daughters from Essex. Doris has been singing since she was 8 years old and she says “it’s her passion and all she wants to be. its where I feel like I can be the real me and shine the most, when I sing I feel ready I feel alive, its the best part of me and I love it”.

Doris was recommended to UTUK by a talent scout and she submitted 2 beautiful original songs, one called “One day will be together” and the other is called “I'll be right there” Both songs are dedicated to her mother who passed away when she was only 8 years old.

You can listen to both songs on YouTube. Doris has also auditioned for the International Online Talent Competition Series 9 so look out for her audition and get ready to vote.

You can also check out more of her music and performances on Instagram @doris_pacey


Undiscovered Talent UK

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