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We are Future Performing Arts. We are a performing arts school based in Margate, Kent. We have been established as a school for over 10 years, but have recently re-branded and formed Future Performing Arts. As a school we aim to provide training in both technique, stage presence, etiquette and industry knowledge.
Principals Rachel Hamlin TDSC (The Brit School) and Emma-Jo Read AIDTA LAMDA (Italia Conti) are both passionate about driving Future Performing Arts forwards and creating a fun, safe and thriving environment for our students. Both principals have worked extensively in the industry and are experienced facilitators of performing arts. We truly believe that with a combination of nurture and dedication we have created a performing arts family that we look to grow in future.

At Future Performing arts our students study Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Freestyle, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary, Street and Singing. We also create opportunities for all of our students to perform if they choose to. At Future we feel excited about the future (pun intended). Winning UTUK has given us the boost and
drive to continue and we are going for World domination! We plan to continue competing with our innovative and thought provoking routines and we want to continue to push the boundaries through
dance and performance. Our motto is Choose You, and we truly believe that with our training and nurture our students have
chosen themselves.

Future Perfoming Arts
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I’m Courtney Benham, a 23 year old Singer, Songwriter from the South Coast. I’m a very new artist only restarting up with my music a year ago and releasing music only 3 months ago. I’m know well in my hometown Portsmouth, taking to the local charts very quickly after releasing my first song Hide in October 2023. I have been in the charts for 15 weeks now taking the top spot for 3 consecutive weeks and staying in the top 3 since then. My music has also placed in many other charts and been featured on several radio stations.

I can be best described as an original songwriter, the art of writing my own songs is not an easy process by any means but one that I can describe as my happy place. I have a very unique and elegant voice which captures the imagination of the listener, keeping you mesmerized all the way through to the end. 

I have had many gigs across the South Coast. I’ve also entered and received trophies for competitions in London, Bristol and I recently won an international online competition, all run by UTUK.

I’m currently working with WRS Studios to take my music to the next level and really push myself to my full potential and show the bad doesn’t hold you back or just makes you stronger and more determined to achieve your dreams. 

Music to me is the story of my life, I love to show the world how I took my life and turned it into a song book. A songbook (album) I’m actually releasing later this year. People will finally see the side of me only those close to me know, they will understand the darkness I’ve been through and the light I have created through my music. 

Metaphorical music is my main writing, something everyone can find a way to relate to. 

I would love to be able to really tell my story to the people who want to hear it and create a platform for myself. There’s a lot more to come and I can’t wait to share it with the world!



Brooke has recently turned 13. She has been part of a local dance school for the past 7 years. Brooke has competed in many competitions from a young age which has resulted in many medals and trophies as part of teams, solo vocalist, duo and trios. Brooke has performed in the Dance World Cup in Germany, Barcelona and Telford, where she was a bronze medalist for a group performance. Brooke recently competed in Blackpool as well as the Welsh Factor Finals where she placed for her song and dance solo, hip hop duo and vocals.


Brooke started her passion for singing when she was 3 years old and sang let it go from Frozen, dancing around her grandmas coffee table. Brooke starred in March as Brigitta in a sell out theatre production ‘The Sound of Music’. She  has now has been invited back to perform in on the ‘ Night of the Musicals in October with the same company.


At the beginning of the Summer Brooke played Hortensia in the theatre production Matilda. This was a sell out production in Cardiff’s Sophia Gardens. Brooke is hoping to take part in the local Christmas pantomime. Brooke is hoping to go to theatre school after she finishes high school. Brooke has always dreamed of performing on Broadway. She has had a  passion for musical theatre and being on stage.

Brooke Hewings
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My name is Abigail (aka Abree) i currently live in Scotland working on my music in the studio. My style of music is RnB, Soul, Pop & Indie. I may be born in the 2000s but i am an old school baby at heart! My influences are Etta James, Ari Lennox, Lewis Capaldi, Adele, etc anyone that has a story to tell i am always listening. I have been in music since i could remember, i was bought up in music as my family are musician i guess i have been following in their footsteps. I never used to be able to sing I worked really hard to teach myself how to sing and there's no other talent i would rather have. Watch Video


Macy O'Neill, a talented singer Shropshire and songwriter for Highley, has been moving quickly in her music career. Not only has she secured a date to perform at the illustrious Cavern Club in Liverpool, but she also just released a charity track for the Ukraine campaign that was recorded at Abbey Road. 

After being given a seat at the club where The Beatles played, Macy, who was just 14 then, posted a "wanted call" on the internet, looking for a band to back her up. 

This young singer Shropshire has just put the band back together, scheduled a performance, and been hard at work producing a new tune titled "No Home," which is intended to be a tribute to those displaced from the conflict in Ukraine. It was recorded in the London studio with a band of qualified session artists, including one of the Bootleg Beatles and another who came in from Los Angeles to assist her in recording it. 

The Irish singer, great Chris De Burgh, has personally supported the track by sending a note of support to the brilliant youngster who attends Concord College in Shrewsbury and often attends open mic nights in Newport. Chris De Burgh's message was sent to this talented actress Shropshire when she was performing in Newport.


Macy performed on Wednesday, April 20, at the Cavern Club, and her backing band consisted of young musicians discovered during open auditions earlier that month in Kidderminster. 

Since the appeal was made, her mother said that everything that could have happened to her daughter had occurred all at once. 

She said that the administration at The Cavern has been as good as their word in giving time for Macy to perform, and we found a terrific band to play alongside her. 

Kind-hearted singer Shropshire has a history of lending a hand to those in need. She has played music for the homeless in the past, and the proceeds from her most recent single, "You Showed Me," were donated to the Martin Schellenberg Trust to provide underprivileged students with access to music lessons. 

In addition, she has performed on stage in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang production, appeared on the show Voice Kids on television, and featured on BBC Radio Hereford, Shropshire, and Worcester. 

The Martin Schellenberg Trust is receiving the revenues from the sale of that song; the money will be used to assist underprivileged children in receiving music instruction. 

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Macy O


Hi I am Colbie, I'm 13 years old and from Kent. My favourite type of music is Rnb and pop. Singing is my favourite thing to-do and I hope that one day I'll be recognised for my voice. 


I was so shocked that I made it through to the Undiscovered talent show, let own the finals and then to actually win was insane !! 


I'm so grateful for this opportunity and would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me.


Watch Video 



I'm 19 years old Singer Songwriter Musician Started singing when I was 6 years old and my love for music evolved from just singing to instruments , started on a recorder at infant school, violin in junior school and by the time I left senior school I could play recorder, violin, guitar, piano and I now favour my piano and of course singing too, I don’t stick to one genre at all but tend to favour the more pop Ballad  jazz cross overs, one of my most prized accomplishment this year 2022- has been the pride of Andover awards along with now winning this amazing platform Undiscovered Talent UK.

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Evie has grades in the following: Singing -grade 5, Piano - grade 1 working towards 2 Musical theatre - grade 4. Evie has performed in some pretty fabulous theatres such as Her Majesty’s theatre, at the Crescent theatre in Birmingham (she was lead role as Annie here) Sutton arts theatre in the local panto sleeping beauty and this year she will be performing in the panto again Robin Hood. 


Evie has also got quite far over the last two years for the Voice kids. Evie has weekly singing / piano lessons and attends a dance school where she learns Ballet/ tap/ jazz and stage! 


Evie is now looking at writing her own songs and would love to be in contact with some songwriters if possible. We’re currently in the process of looking. Evie is hoping to grow her confidence more since winning Undiscovered talent UK and is looking at ways to grow her following in particular. 


Evie is hoping to attend BOA school next year where she can really work on her development in the performing industry.


Dom Frost


Under 18's Winner - Series 6

my names Dom Frost, 15 year old a self taught musician from Sussex. I can play piano, guitar and bass guitar and I sing and rap and write songs. My birthday is the 7th of September and my goal is to Headline sold out arenas and stadiums one day

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Dom Frost
Jen and Liv
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Series 6 over 18's Winners

North east duo Jen and Liv 

Jenna Cole (20) and Olivia irvin (22) met 3 years ago working together in the performing industry and just clicked and have been working together ever since. 

Currently the duo busk and gig all over the UK  , have a passion for their work , career and absolutely love what they do!

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The Kids Winner - Series 6

Hi my name is Rajan Bhath aka DJRJ


I have always liked anything to do with music, when I was 3 I used to get the pots and pans out and make my grandparents sing and dance! I then got my own karaoke machine! 


I was given my first DJ decks at 4 years old and learnt how to play watching videos off YouTube, I have never been professionally trained. I have DJ'd at parties and raised money twice for charity during lockdown.


I also love to play the dhol (Indian drums) and have performed on stage.

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Ash Dance Company


Manchester regional winners

Next on the agenda is British Championships for Megacrew in June and for 5 of the team we are travelling to Arizona, Phoenix in the summer for 3 weeks to compete in the World Hip Hop Championships. 


Watch Video

The Ash Company
Sophie Plumb


London Regional Winner

My name is Sophie plumb, I’m from south london and iv been singing since 6 years old . I started singing opera from young then I started listening to Beyoncé and Whitney Houston and trained my self to sing in that style of music. 

I have been making my own music in studio and will be releasing new music very soon!

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thumbnail_1A44CC6B-299D-45AD-B3FD-6B93F6D78A25_L0_001-25_03_2023, 14_46_45.jpg
Sophie Gordpn


Sophie is a young North East artist who has been singing for around 5 years now.  She has performed all over the North East and as live music is picking up again, so are her gigs.


She previously won a slot at Northumberland Live Blyth Music Festival performing on the same stage as Britains Got Talent The Rock Choir as well as Ocean Coloured Scenes Andy Bennett.  She has also performed at The Gateshead Summer Fest, Crossing the Tyne Festival & The Peterlee Show.

She has 4 original songs released on ITunes, See the Sun and an EP called Enough made up of 4 original songs – Enough, Play with Emotions, September Nights & If we could meet again – all still available to download on ITunes and Amazon Music and other platforms.

She has over 2000 followers on her Facebook music page, and definitely a one to look out for in the future.

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Sophie Gordon


My names Moniecha, I’m the founder of MDCHOREOGRAPHYUK and MYDC DANCE ACADEMY (MDA). I’ve worked for years in the industry and training since I was three as a dancer, and pursued various theatre and musical theatre productions along side working with Boy Blue Entertainment With their amazing show Pied Piped and Mathew Bournes Curtain Raisers, but although I’d grown up as a dancer that passion slowly changed to teaching when I started up my own dance school at the age of 14. Ive ran my school through my GCSEs, Diploma, Degree and Masters and all I want to do is be a roll model to my students for them to see for as long as you put the work in anything is possible! I then during covid started up MDChoreography to give dancers more opportunities! It’s slowly taking off and I hope to be able to offer big things to dancers all over. I want to be able to teach in workshops all over the world , that’s my next goal to working towards, I want to show the world to hat I’m capable of and inspire the young generation of dancers. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and the nomination and a massive thank you to Undiscovered Talent UK for all you do to make people like myself feel our hard work is slowly and surely paying off!


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Brandon Walker


Hi my name is Brandon people call me Brandzz I have been dancing for most of my life. I am quite versatile my main style is hip-hop but I do others like Afrobeats, contemporary and etc. I am currently a personal dancer I have credits to Midas, doneo, fuse dog and etc I started my dancing career with ballet with royal academy of dance done it for tow years then I moved onto street. I have performed at sadlers wells numerous of times I was dancing for step into dance doing dance battles and showcases also dancing for my secondary school dance team. Later on I ended up having my own dance team we went on for about 3 years then unfortunately we ended but now I am doing Videoshoot’s performances and I am working towards my goal of dancing alongside my favorite artist like h.e.r, summer walker, giveon etc.

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Gen6 is a dancer from Southampton also known as Ryan Martin Gen6 is 11 years old and has been dancing since he could walk. following his dance idols chris brown and Michael Jackson Gen6 went from self taught to taking on a style called flexn which would later on give him the opportunity to take on zoom dance classes with an American teacher (stepz) Americans got talent semi finalist and Battlefest battle dancer. Gen6 is new to the competition game after building his confidence over the last year on social media and in public. 

Gen6 away from dance loves to goof around  play football, basketball, game and has an obsession with clothes and trainers. The future for Gen6 is very bright with 2022 set to be his biggest year to be able to get out and compete in other dance competitions and dance  battles. 

Battlefest is Gen6 dream to be able to battle the new generation. 

Winning undiscovered talent UK online competition series 5 has given Gen6 that push that he needed to be  ready for 2022 

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My name is Sofie Elyse, I am a 16 year old singer-songwriter and I also play the piano. I began singing at the age of 9, and writing from the age of 10. 

Since this, I have entered many competitions across the country, and have even had my original music played on Radios, such as: BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Introducing, and Windrush Radio. I am under the management of JAMO Music, and am lucky enough to be sponsored by Joseph Taylor Pianos Ltd. 

As I get older, I wish to continue pursuing music - putting my original content out into the world and making a living from it. It would be my dream to become a name as big as Adele’s one day, and I hope that I can carry on bettering my talent as much as possible. 

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My name is Jessica and I'm a 12 year old singer/songwriter. I've been very passionate about singing ever since I could talk. When I was one and a half years old my Dad sent an email to his family with a video of me singing which my parents still show to people today.


I think of myself as a global citizen, having been born in Ethiopia, brought up in Dubai and settled in the UK since age 10.


When we lived in Dubai we had this thing called Friday Brunch every week and there was always a band playing that would let me get up and sing since I was age 4! People in the audience as well as my very supportive family would give me great encouragement & appreciation which really gave me the confidence and self-belief to want to become a singer.


After 9 years in Dubai my parents made the decision to move our family back to the UK to access better opportunities for my singing and my brother's football. Since then I've performed at the O2 in London in the final of a national singing competition, started writing my own songs, joined a PQA theatre & film academy, auditioned for TV & Films and have now won the Undiscovered Talent UK junior final!


I'm also working towards my goal of becoming a successful recording artist and so I go to the recording studio every month to record my original songs. I write songs about my true stories and experiences such as friendship dramas, moving countries & schools and COVID lockdowns. 


I also enjoy playing the piano including weekly lessons, I play netball and swim for the school and enjoy travelling to many different countries. I've been to over 14 countries and will be going to Paris in 2022 for a singing event.

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My name is Kajetan Tober, I am 14 years old. I have been dancing since I was 8 years old and I dance a large variety of different styles such as hip hop, house, afro dance etc.

My first achievements were placing in the UDO competions and qualifying for world and national championships. At the age of 9 I have performed with Flawless Dance School on events such as Move it, Kidtropolis, Digital kids etc. I have also danced with George Sampson on BGT Champions in 2019.

I have been training with the best industry teachers for the last 4 year's. I have been traveling abroad for the best training to places such as LA, Poland and I take many open classes in the UK from the best industry teachers on a weekly basis. I have been awarded scholarships for training for the accelerated course in one of the best dance colleges in the UK.

When I am older I aspire to make my own dance style and be the best creative director in the world. I also aspire to be a role model to everyone in the dance industry. I know that this will be a lot of hard work but I am determined to chase my dream.

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It’s no exaggeration to say un-singed Abz Winter has broken boundaries with her unique sound and fun-loving nature. Whether you’ve been to one of the many live performances or you’ve heard one of her songs, you’ll see why she's renowned for her musical versatility. 

At only 18 Abz has achieved a lot, she has been BBC CWR's Introducing Artist of the Month, Played at Godiva Festival, sang at the Coventry Christmas Light Switch on, and been awarded Best New Artist in Coventry. Abz has performed on the Unsigned Artist Stage at the Arena Birmingham & Resorts World, prior to Little Mix and Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera & Take That. More recently Abz was given the Honour of Performing for HRH Camilla Parker Bowles on her visit to Coventry City with HRH Charles Prince Of Wales to mark Coventry City Of Culture 2021 & singing for the City Of Culture Delegates bidding for 2025. Abz has also won Undiscovered Talent UK 2021, a great achievement against some major talents.

Abz has had masterclasses with the likes of Will Young, Jin Jin, Fred Cox, and Kieron Pepper.

Her songs have received airplay nationally including BBC Radio 2 by Dermot O'Leary on 'Some Mothers Do Indie', BBC CWR, BBC West Midlands, Brum Radio A - list, All FM, Amazing Radio, Radio Wigwam, and has had numerous great reviews.

What does Abz do for fun? well apart from the Gym,

Synchronised Swimming & Coaching, she spends her time writing & singing at home. Abz is also studying full-time at BIMM Birmingham. Watch Video



Abz Winjter




Paige Potterton, 21 year old singer/songwriter from Surrey. Paige has been singing from a very young age but perused her passion at the age of 11. Paige is currently completing her BA (Hons) Music Industry practice degree specialised in vocals at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. Paige has been studying under incredible tutors such as Helena-May(Kokomo,Siren Sisters,Think Floyd), Charlie Morland ( Tom Jones, Josh Osho and Groove Instincts), Sandy beales (One direction and JP Cooper) she has also been working in studios working for her local peers on original music and has worked with Jack Daniels (Emelie Sande,Ed Sheeran, Rhianna). Paige had her first single ‘Ain’t got time’ released on all platforms and was aired on eagle radio. She was also announced the winner for series 3 of undiscovered talent uk. As of 2021, Paige is unsigned and is continuously working on her first EP.


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Talentfest National under 16 when 9 in the solo M.T. from 6 regional city heats came second in the grand final  at Blackpool Winter Gardens receiving her award  from Lewis Walsh. Sandwell Shape your Talent  playing keyboard with own song 2018 £500 prize, Wmids  Talents £300, Rubery’s got talent ( Bham) 2019.


After we explained when she was 11 to Izzy that as a new born and for the first few years of her life having major operations and after care etc  at Bham Children’s Hospital she then decided to started   selling her  toys and books etc at festivals with table top sales then 2019. 


Izzy organised her on own show getting together 4 other mainstream gigiing artists to offer their time for free  to raise funds at a local social club they gave her the room for free for Bham Children’s Hospital and on the night raised £2.500.


Izzy has performed for many Local council award ceremonies, charities, Britain in Bloom, best floral town award ceremony with 30 town mayors attending. Did 30 paid gigs 2019/20 throughout the Midlands. Headlining the evenings entertainment with Bhangra Smash up as lead singer for the Women’s Conference event at the Kensington Holiday Inn London 2019 with women from 42 countries and so much more we could  mention.


You could look on Star isabellagiorgiojones for a digital c.v. Izzy now want’s to concentrate more on her own original songs to release in the near future while also developing her producing skills at her specialist school  B.O.A. 



izzye winner.jpg




My name is K Marie and I started writing songs from about the age of 12. I grew up listening to Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys who I loved their range and high notes and I loved Keyshia Cole in my teen years who just had so much passion! so I'd say they are my vocal inspirations. I started to get noticed for my songwriting skills when I studied performing arts as a GCSE, I even wrote for my peers and my music teachers would select me to do studio sessions at school and I also represented the school in a talent show singing one of my own songs. Now years later I still continue to write and record music funded by myself and have giged and done open mics. I have a couple of songs released on social platforms and one music video. My songs are inspired by true events that have happened in my life so as long as i'm inspired i'll continue to write, thank you.

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Natalie Keel, a 29 year old singer/songwriter from Kent, originally from Surrey. Natalie began singing from a young age but developed a passion for singing and performing from around the age of 12, performing in local musicals, talent shows and competitions. After leaving school and college, she spent her spare time recording on her laptop, in order to post to social media and now has a following of over 2000, with a combined view count of over 11,000. In 2016, Natalie won the regional heat for Open Mic UK and was a finalist in the Area finals for the south east region, just missing out on a place in the Grand Final. In 2018, her debut original song "Fire" was awarded a spot on the BBC Introducing playlist and received positive reviews from both critics and her following. As of 2020, Natalie is unsigned and works to produce her own music, both original and covers from her home studio set up.


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Hi I’m Via ,I’m 17 and I’ve been singing since I was 7. I alway entered school talent shows and also did karaoke on family holidays. Age 11 I started singing lessons with Amanda Neale and at 13 started at lipa 4-19 performing arts academy. I started working with my two brothers  doing song writing . I’m currently studying music performance and production at lipa sixth form College in Liverpool. I’m so happy to be announced the winner of undiscovered talent UK and I can’t wait for what the future holds!

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I am 15 years old and from London. I discovered my love of dancing and acting when I was 3 years old and danced recreationally until about 11 when I started training and competing with Spirit Young Dance Company (Spirit YDC) for about 2 years. I love training in all styles of dance whenever I’m given the opportunity. I like dance competitions as it gives me an opportunity to challenge myself, learn from other dancers and get critiques/constructive criticisms, advice and directions from judges. I try to be as versatile as possible by training with different professionals in the industry. I currently train with iD Company directed by Ryan Jenkins and MPA Academy with James Collins as well as regular workshops with different teachers through Fit The Mould Dance (FTM) with Natasha Mould. I love being creative in so many ways and enjoy the performing arts and being on stage.

I played the role of Lavender in Matilda The Musical, West End (2015-16). I’ve also performed in lots of other theatres and stages including National Theatre, Leicester Square Theatre, Shaftesbury Theatre, main stage at Can You Dance? (CYD?) Convention, Move It main stage and have been a finalist on the Move It freestyle stage. As well as being a Title winner at three dance competitions (Dynamite Dance, Ultimate Dance Showcase UK (UDS) and Dance Inspirations (VAD), I am also a Golden Buzzer winner (Dance Inspirations), a National dance champion (Starz UK) and was awarded a Dance Idol title with Destination Dance. I enjoy all things artistic. I love calligraphy and love creating and designing artistic gifts in my spare time. It is very rewarding to see friends and families’ reactions when they receive a personalised gift from me.

I am very comfortable in front of the camera and feel that performing is my happy place. I filmed a TV dance Promo for CBBC directed by Parris Goebel which was broadcast for a few months from August 2017 I performed and danced live in the ITV X Factor Finals with MPA Academy (December 2018). Over the summer of 2019 I was involved in filming for the prime time BBC One series ‘The Greatest Dancer’ and have recently been in a Netflix Christmas movie due out Christmas 2020. In November 2019 I spent a week on set, filming a featured role for an advertising campaign which is due to air in 2021.

I walked (catwalk) for international clothing brands ‘Me in wien’ and ‘Kicomo’ at London Kids Fashion Week in September 2019. Most recently, I was featured in an editorial on Photo Vogue Italia online (August 2019. I was also published as a special ‘Big Dreamers’ feature in LaBelle Kidz&Teen International Fashion Magazine, October 2018.

Dancing is my biggest passion and my dream is to become a professional dancer and performer and to make everyone smile through dance.

It was very exciting to be creative during lockdown with my best friend Vaidile by filming in isolation and to go on and win the first series of Undiscovered Talent (under 18’s) Online competition. Every time we do well it encourages us to believe that no dream is too big no matter your humble beginnings. We always strive to work harder even when we don’t do as well and always stay humble and supportive.

hannah and vaidile.jpg
Sofie Elyse
Jessica Thomas
Abz Winter
Natalie K
Hannah and Vaidile
hannah and vaidile.jpg



I am 14 years old and haveHANNAH been dancing since I was 5 with Laura Bruce Dance Academy (LBDA). I train in different styles - modern, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, lyrical. commercial and tap. I discovered at a young age that I had a passion for dance and really love performing on stage. I performed with LBDA every year which built my confidence and fuelled my passion.

Since then I have performed at different theatres and stages such as doing the panto Aladdin at Churchill Theatre Bromley when I was 8, Peter Pan when I was 9 and performing at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. I performed as a Nutcracker at Cheryl Cole, Liam Payne and Olly Murs Christmas charity event in London.

I started training with Spirit Young Dance Company (Spirit YDC) competition team when I was 10 and took part in dance competitions all over the country as well as other events such as performing in the big charity event at the National Theatre.

When I was 11 I secured the role of Hortencia in the West End production of the musical Matilda. I loved playing this part for a year during which time we also performed on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT).

In the last year I have been training with ID Company led by Ryan Jenkins, also training with Natasha Mould (FTC), Charlie Bruce, MPA Dance Academy, BBA Ballet, as well as so many inspiring dance choreographers. I love training in all styles and like to challenge myself.

My best friend Hannah and I started competing independently and have enjoyed choreographing our competition numbers and winning so many awards – both solos and duos over the last year including winning a scholarship with Urdang Associates. We were also recently published on Vogue Italia.

We loved winning the Undiscovered Talent first series under 18 Online competition as it gave us an opportunity to tap into our creative sides. Having a passion for dance makes us aim high and take on any challenge, work hard and support each other as well as other people.


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Gabi is a 13 year old singer, she started singing as soon as she started talking!  During the first lockdown, the 'Gabi's Songs' YouTube channel launched when she was just 10 years old.  Since then her fan base has grown and she is also on Facebook and Instagram, both platforms also named Gabi's Songs. Gabi is a contemporary singer, who takes her inspiration from Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Adele.  She enjoys singing mostly R'n'B, soul, ballads and pop songs ranging from different eras, her favourites being from the 1960s through to the 2020s.  She loves to learn new riffs and runs amongst other techniques during her daily practise.  She has a keen musical ear and enjoys adding her own techniques or adjusting arrangements to make songs her own.

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